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Our diverse backgrounds in art, drama, and early childhood education allow us to create a dream into a magical reality! Rest assured we are always reliable and prompt with wings at the ready we arrive with smile and a sparkle.

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Face Painting

Creative Fairies create stunning,artistic faces for your special event. Our face painters are artists with a natural flair for design and have trained with both local and international face painters.


A truly unique party that kids love! See your child draw amazing and wonderful cartoons with our Creative Fairy cartoonists. Simply pick a theme and we’ll be there to inspire imaginations and bring lots of laughter to your next party.

Corporate Events

Creative Fairies offers unique entertainment solutions for corporations that are looking for an avenue to increase brand awareness and creativity.

Belly Art

Mums-to-be love our “Blossoming Bellies” experience. We paint the belly with a gorgeous design that can be customised to suit mum’s wishes. Of course, spouses and partners are welcome to paint too or just watch that belly transform.

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