Beautiful Belly Art in Melbourne

Beautiful Belly Art, Sydney Melbourne our Mums-to-be love our “Blossoming Bellies” experience. We paint the belly with a gorgeous design that can be customised to suit mum’s wishes. Of course, spouses and partners are welcome to paint too or just watch that belly transform.

We travel to your preferred destination. All paints are of the highest quality and are safe for mum and baby. Painting time depends on the complexity of the design and the degree of detail. However, a minimum 1 hour booking applies, with compulsory tea breaks and stretches, of course.

Mothers groups are encouraged to contact us to arrange a group painting session. Group discounts can be negotiated.

Call us to discuss pricing, availability or to arrange a gift voucher.


Meditation for mums:

“Imagine your baby in the womb, enjoying being tickled as we paint flowers, birds, lovely butterflies on the belly and visualise yourself, enjoying the sensation of having your masterpiece painted while you rest and put your feet up. No stress, just a well deserved treat for a special time in your life.”

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